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HAHN Digital Consulting guides manufacturing companies through their digital transformation.

In order to make companies faster, more flexible, and more efficient, HAHN Digital accompanies the planning, conception, and implementation of digital transformation in manufacturing companies. This puts customers in the position to master increasing competitive pressure as well as increasing demands on quality, delivery times, customer focus, and innovation.


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In the context of these consulting services, three successful elements meet at HAHN Digital:

  • The use of established frameworks for the systematic support of digital transformation such as the acatech Industry 4.0 Index or RAMI 4.0.
  • State-of-the-art know-how of trends and developments in the area of operational technology (OT)
  • More than 30 years of experience with automation and industrial robotics in the HAHN Group

Consulting Services

The support of digital transformation in manufacturing (industry 4.0) requires organizational changes on several levels. Companies can only benefit from digitalization potentials of technological progress when they take a critical look at their resources, information systems, their organization, and their corporate culture first. This is where HAHN Digital starts accompanying companies - from the initial consideration to the realization and recommended actions for setting up a smart factory. .


During this process, HAHN Digital Consulting responds to any relevant questions that may arise for manufacturing companies such as:

  • In which areas is the implementation of digital solutions for automated information retrieval or improved communication beneficial and profitable?
  • Which data are relevant and how can they be assessed for a specific application?
  • Which organizational and procedural shifts have to be implemented in order to achieve the maximum benefit of a new technological solution?


HAHN Digital Consulting provides manufacturing companies with the following comprehensive services:


Digital Readiness Quickcheck

HAHN Digital performs a Digital Readiness Quick Check for customers. Digitalization potentials - also referred to as digital maturity - of certain processes or products is assessed on the basis of a profound analysis. Following models like the acatech Industry 4.0 Maturity Index and VDMA Industry 4.0 Readiness Check, a methodical procedure is applied to identify customized solution approaches to process digitalization.

The status quo analysis of the examined processes and products is summarized in a compact result report. This document shows the required steps including the according prioritization that can lead to a systematic increase in maturity.

Quick Proof of Concepts

Proof of concept projects are a method of making digital transformation potentials of a company tangible within a very short time. Goals and applications of the respective proof of concepts are determined in cooperation with the customer. HAHN Digital develops solutions for the according test application and its technical requirements for a potential rollout based on the customer’s data and the customer’s equipment and products.

By virtue of using HAHN Digital’s own products such as EVE Suite, projects in the fields of analytics, visual inspection, remote maintenance support and product OT security can be realized particularly time efficiently. For anything beyond these thematic areas, HAHN Digital analyses state-of-the-art solution providers matching the individual application and manages the performance of the pilot project.

Future Concepts for Operational Technology

HAHN Digital develops concepts for the future architecture of OT systems on the shop floor and the connection to operational information systems in close cooperation with manufacturing companies. The networking of these systems enables a data-based and constant improvement that aims at high flexibility of internal processes and a high response capability for unscheduled events.

By using customized target images, HAHN Digital creates a project plan to translate the overall concept which consists of several technical concepts for the future OT architecture and delivers a comprehensive basis for the implementation plan and investment calculation.

Multi Project and Program Management in Digital Transformation

With a detailed multi project or program management respectively, HAHN Digital controls the various projects in the digital transformation of the customer’s business. This procedure ensures the ideal achievement of project objectives in terms of time, budget, and content.

The agile and classic project management methods of the program management ensure that important accompanying steps for the transformation success are initiated and realized. These steps include internal change communication and change marketing measures as well as continuous employee trainings for organizational transitions.

As a result, the integration of digital solutions into a company is optimized by process transitions and employee training. The company can identify new potentials and realize them to its day-to-day operations.

Individual Projects

Whether you have just started your journey, or you are already halfway in the middle and you are missing the last components for a successful implementation: HAHN Digital consults and supports you with every aspect of your operational technology and your digital transformation. Contact HAHN Digital for support with your individual projects:


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