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EVE Suite

With EVE Suite, HAHN Digital provides a portfolio of innovative solutions that put the digital transformation of tomorrow’s Smart Factory into practice.

Upon the integration of EVE Suite services into their processes, users can noticeably increase their output regarding the most important factors:





EVE Suite consists of four product categories:

EVE Vision – Improves visual quality inspection with machine vision

EVE Vision offers a visual quality inspection with KITOV systems. The Smart 3D universal system for the optical testing of products combines the benefits of automation, robotics technology, and intelligent software. The complete solution is ready to use within just a few hours and brings significant improvements to the end-of-line testing.

EVE Analytics – Monitoring of production facilities with predictive analytics

EVE Analytics enables customers to conveniently monitor the status of their connected production facilities from their PC, smart phone or tablet. By virtue of real-time notifications, production managers can respond to deviations of the production process immediately. Predictive Maintenance helps identify future error sources and enhance the equipment’s performance with data analyses. 

EVE Support – Reducing downtime with augmented reality technologies

EVE Support permits a guided error correction by means of augmented reality (AR) technologies. This is realized through the secure use of remote maintenance glasses (smart glasses) in the surroundings of the manufacturing equipment, which reduces the company’s downtime via real-time analysis of the determined data. 

EVE Protect – For more data security in the industrial internet of things

EVE Protect provides a platform for risk assessment and monitoring components in the industrial internet of things. (IIoT). Especially the integration of third party products can pose a threat to a company’s data security. Such risks to cyber security can be minimized with complete transparency and risk assessment on the basis of automated threat detection offered by EVE Protect.

HAHN Digital – Your partner for digital transformation

HAHN Digital pools the longstanding expertise and experience in the area of process digitalization of the HAHN Group companies. Using state-of-the-art technologies, HAHN Digital delivers goal-oriented impulses to the era of Industry 4.0 and continuously strengthens digitalization potential for companies.

The benefits are obvious:





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