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EVE Analytics

With EVE Analytics, customers receive a monitoring solution for their production facilities - via PC, smart phone, or tablet - and can enhance the output of their equipment with real-time responses.

The advantages of EVE Analytics:

  • Reduction of downtime for machinery and equipment via Predictive Maintenance
  • Enabling fast responses based on targeted real-time notifications and site-independent status updates
  • Efficient monitoring of production facilities and processes with data analyses and performance-based dashboards based on big data algorithms
  • High data security with encrypted communication 

Dashboards for better monitoring of production facilities

The flexible dashboards, which provide cross-location and cross-platform visualization, can be created easily and for users with various access rights. This way, the performance-based overview of the connected equipment and production facilities is in line with the demands. Employees receive notifications based on big data and error reports relevant to their area of responsibility.

Data analysis enables predictive analytics

EVE Analytics performs an automatic data analysis regarding the interdependencies and deviations from the optimal settings. The resulting findings are helpful for diagnostics and error prediction and ensure the constant increase in output of the equipment via predictive analytics.

High data security through on premise solutions

The communication between the platform and the equipment is encrypted and takes place on premise if required, so that EVE Analytics provides extreme data security for companies.

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