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EVE Protect

With EVE Protect, HAHN Digital offers a customized cyber security portfolio for manufacturing companies with industry-leading monitoring solutions. These solutions help companies manage their operational technology (OT) cyber security regarding detection, response, prediction, and prevention.


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By connecting their production equipment and OT devices, manufacturing companies bring their IT and OT systems closer together. This connection is the first step towards realizing many valuable use cases in digital transformation. Nonetheless, entering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is accompanied by new cyber security threats. Unauthorized access to manufacturing networks, hacked production equipment, or read out data are only some of the examples that can lead to serious damage.

Assessment and monitoring of cyber security for OT equipment

EVE Protect provides automatic and continuous analyses and assessment of OT and IoT equipment’s firmware. This solution system is based on the combination of two products of our partner company Cybellum: Cybellum V-Ray and Cybellum V-Monitor.

Manufacturing companies often integrate third party OT equipment to their facilities, their (local) IIoT network or even their products. However, insights to the providers’ software architecture are rarely provided. Without access to the source code of the built-in components, companies have to rely on the cyber security competencies of their providers. Therefore, it is difficult to run a comprehensive risk assessment.

Previous monitoring solutions like the manual verification and assessment of each component are not scalable in times of increasing networking and are merely a snapshot in the highly volatile environment of cyber security. If a device was secure before its integration into the equipment, new weak points or attack techniques can pose a threat to it afterwards. Only through the constant live monitoring of OT security, every deployed component can be protected from new threats. Machine learning helps the software to improve itself with every newly discovered or disclosed weak point. EVE Protect enables companies to act early on these issues instead of merely reacting to them.

Cybellum solutions provide the following joint advantages:

  • No integration effort and no device risk with agent-less approach – no code is being installed on the device
  • Infinite scaling, since the platform can scan and process all kinds of devices
  • Low investment of resources and no safety experts required due to automatic end-to-end process
  • High data security due to local offline supply – no data will leave the company

Cybellum V-Ray™

Cybellum V-RayTM offers complete transparency and risk assessment at the time of the integration phase based on an automated monitoring for weak point identification.

The monitoring software reconstructs and scans the OT/IIoT devices’ firmware for security weak points and threats, it imitates the approach of attackers, and provides a complete overview of the scanned device. This makes it possible to assess the risks of the new devices, to fix any issues and to safely integrate and release the device in the company.

The core competencies of Cybellum V-RayTM

  • Increasing cyber security by extensive review of a device’s firmware before its integration
  • Very wide range of application even with closed firmware, because no access to source code is required

Cybellum V-Monitor™

Cybellum V-MonitorTM constantly monitors every scanned device for new weaknesses and threats from public and private sources. The monitoring software is integrated to the inventory management system: the platform automatically monitors new weak points and matches new cyber security risks with the available data from the devices. As soon as a security risk that needs attention occurs, Cybellum V-MonitorTM alerts the persons responsible.

The core competencies of Cybellum V-MonitorTM:

  • Guarantees high cyber security with constant monitoring and automated patching of firmware
  • No network load with software backend device imitation
  • Rapid response to identified security gaps by means of constant analysis and monitoring as well as active alerts in case of security alterations

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