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EVE Vision

With the EVE Vision product line, HAHN Digital offers a solution for the challenges of the manual visual inspection: Automated visual inspection with an automatic end-of-line tester. The advanced machine vision algorithms of EVE Vision take error proofing to an unprecedented level. 


The advantages of EVE Vision:

  • Excellent error proofing as a result of machine learning and computer vision algorithms.
  • Quick operational readiness with intuitive control and automated motion planning.
  • Saving of resources and improved results via automated quality control and end-of-line testing.

HAHN Digital and Kitov.ai - a strong partnership!

Ready to use within a few hours only

EVE Vision can be activated within just a few hours. Its intuitive control enables easy operation. Employees do not require any previous experience with software programming, camera or robot technology. Models of products that are subject to computer-vision testing are generated based on surface scans and CAD data. Afterwards, the software takes over motion and image planning automatically. After a few hours, EVE Vision starts with the automated product testing. With every end-of-line testing, the machine learning algorithms will improve with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The accompanying automation of quality control can bring substantial savings in resources to companies. The improved testing quality renders elaborate manual visual inspection unnecessary. 


Higher product quality through machine vision

With the aid of special computer vision technology, EVE Vision scans and identifies surfaces, labels, text, barcodes, bolts, plugs, and ports. The machine vision detectors are specialized on various cases of application and are pre-equipped with several thousand reference images. This ensures a high detection rate starting with the very first inspected part that even identifies small details like screw-depth or the condition of bolt heads. Furthermore, individual detectors can be developed. 


Process optimization through automatic end-of-line testing

As a complete solution for end-of-line testing, EVE Vision significantly reduces the company’s initial effort with inspecting products. Employees can autonomously expand, change, or adjust the inspection plan, which makes the process much faster, more economical, and more flexible.


Ask our machine vision experts!

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Product Lead EVE Vision


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